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even if bush is an idiot.
special thanx to miron livshits.
made with ableton.
inside: sunday sermon by roland clark.

mp3, zip (just rename to mp3), 76:08, 256k, 142mb

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ohh, shit, nobody likes deep house - mixed by milovanov (deep'n'funky ableton session)


01. rome falling intro
02. da sunlounge - chicago
03. justin harris feat. attar - plastic jazz bands (spatz and talk remix)
04. delano smith feat. diamondancer - a message for the dj (jimpster red light remix)
05. dj freestyle - dumb folks
06. blacksoul - got funk
07. jacob london - the bull cows gonna smack ya (in da butt)
08. lisa shaw - let it ride (swag dub mix)
09. rithma feat. ryrailo dj's - funk is still alive (joey youngman mix)
10. vernon and dacosta - heart breaker (jacob london deja vu mix)
11. ross coach - latin fusion (da sunlounge was here remix)
12. jake childs - orange gravy
13. dj fex - mysterious conversations (mazi remix)
14. dan berkson - planet earth
15. the ministers of music - the funk miracle (jussi pekas made of loops remix)
16. mazi - origin (digital mix)
17. dj spettro - friek
18. soul mekanik - wanna get wet (dexter remix)
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ohh, shit, nobody likes deep house - mixed by milovanov (deep'n'funky ableton session) mp3 | zip [149mb, 01:19:53, lame, vbr, 256k]

трек лист позже, пойду-ка пока посплю. там боги одни, в общем- jake childs, jimpster, jacob london, rithma, sunlounge, mazi, swag, justin harris, etc etc
и дипец такой, funky и jazzy, совершенно невозможно не пританцовывать, просто пиздец!

в комментах вам расскажут, что это must have.

о, да

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